Health and safety of the workers must be given utmost importance in the construction industry, as they are the only ones that could make the construction projects completed. One way to make sure that the working environment is safe to go to, it would be best that a construction phase health and safety plan is being implemented particularly for employees, trainees and clients, its neighbors and all the other members of the public.

Main contractors should make sure that they are abiding with what the law has to say about the health and safety aspect. With this, it is expected that there is a project management, contractor appointment, as well as personnel appointment. When it comes to project management, contractors will have to have a plan, supervise and even manage each phase in construction so that they could see to it that whatever is being done at that point, the workers will be kept safe and their health will not be at risk. As for contractor appointment, this would involve giving directions as well as proper information and keep on monitoring the coordination and cooperation of each contractor. Under personnel appointment, this would entail ensuring that there is enough information and training done in the labor force and they should also be inducted and consulted with regards to the construction phase health and safety plan of the company.

A Permit to work system is definitely needed by the company. By securing the worker's health and safety there can actually be a lot of advantages out of it. If the workers are happy, they will be a lot more innovative and productive. There won't be a need to count the number of absents from them anymore. With the implementation and enforcement of construction phase health and safety plan, the staff will definitely be able to ensure their safety and will eventually prevent any delays of projects as well as compensation claims.

Visitor Management System is essential as well. The health and safety program that is to be implemented on the workplace should be well planned and properly documented. The law has actually mandated that the site have a safety plan before commencement of work most especially for high risk projects that is to be taken by the construction industry. It has already been proven by many companies that whenever they are putting a lot more focus on the health and safety in the workplace, they will receive an increase in productivity.


There's absolutely not a single employer in the world that is capable of being in control of the things that may go wrong. But they can definitely have control with regards to how they run their business and making sure that a construction phase health and safety plan is being implemented as this is the best way to make sure that they will be able to lower the company's costs.